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Monday, March 03, 2008

Remote Area Medical

I saw this on 60 minutes last night Remote Area Medical it was first started for medical help in the Amazon, now they also help out in the USA.
The health care system here in the USA is just terrible, and I have even thought the insurance we have personally, is expensive and the deductibles are way too high.

They also are in need of Physicians, dentists, optometrists, vetirinarians etc to join their team. So if you think that you can help and are looking for something to do that could help a lot of desperate people, this might be fore you.


posted by Grace B at 5:23 AM


Hi Carmel
Happy easter to you and family.

12:06 AM  

Hi Carmel!
I wish a healthy, happy and blessing time!
Big hugs!

6:59 PM  

Hadn't been by in a while and was pleasantly surprised to see that you're expecting. Congratulations!!!

10:02 AM  

Hello! Just checking in to see how you are. So close, so close. Hugs to you and praying for a safe delivery. Make sure Jonathan posts something to let us know. You probably won't do live-blogging...naaaaah!

1:33 PM  

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