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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

little update

Just a little update, yes I am still pregnant! My due date is the 17th of April, it's going by so quickly. I haven't been blogging obviously but I do try, but sitting near the computer for too long can really be uncomfortable at this "bigger" stage of my pregnancy.
Spring is in the air, so I have been trying to get outside more, it's been so nice to open the windows and let real fresh air come into the house. I have seen just about all the snow I want to see for a while.
I had a meaningful lent and a wonderful Easter, ate too many chocolates but they were soooo good.
We spent Spring break visiting family, it was so good to get away, I get sick of the same place after a while.
The ladies at my in laws Church threw a wonderful baby shower for me (or for my baby really) it was awesome, the gifts were so cute. In case you don't know, when we had the ultra sound we found out that our baby is a girl, so many of the gifts were cute little dresses etc.
I had my OB appointment yesterday and the doctor will give me until Monday the 14th to go into labor, or she'll make an appointment for the labor to be induced, she doesn't want me to go past the due date, I am not sure why but I suspect it's because maybe the baby will just keep on growing, I am a small person so perhaps that's why. So the next time I update I guess that it will be news that our baby is here (God willing).
Now it's time to go and enjoy this warm weather. I'll update asap!! I will also visit your blogs, I promise!!!
Here is a picture of the cake that the ladies bought me for the baby shower, I think it's so cute:

posted by Grace B at 5:11 AM


Prayers for you and the baby!

9:41 AM  

Hi Carme!
Enjoy you time now. The Spring is a good time, for baby too.
Take care and God bless you and yours!

10:55 AM  

I'm glad you had your cake and ate it too! Prayers for you these last few days of gestation. We're excited to hear about your sweet baby. So have you chosen THE name?

12:45 PM  

i was just thinking it would be so convenient for women if their arms got longer the further into the pregnancy you went. obviously it would have to shrink when you were done, otherwise a mother of a large family would be scraping knuckles on the ground...

5:20 PM  

She's here!

8:40 AM  

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