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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Christ out of "Christmas"

This morning I got up and turned on the tv to catch the national news on the "Today" morning show.
What I saw was a debate about taking anything Christ related out of the Christmas season, especially in pre schools. Why?
One of the arguments was that it may offend Jews, Muslims and all non Christians. Instead of Christ related decorations, like nativity scenes (the actual scene of the real Christmas) they are ok with Santa, fairy tale type creatures and anything not related to Christ's birth.
The whole Christmas season is about "Christ" that is what it is, not about Santa and fairytales.
Why would this offend others? Does it matter if it offends Christians then?
Last year Stonnington Council banned the word "Christmas" from it's Christmas celebrations and banned a minister from quoting the Bible while speaking at a Carols night.
This is not right, how can we take Christ out of his birthday celebration? Most importantly why should we?
I also read an article by Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt "Meanwhile schools cancel nativity plays, businesses avoid the "C" word and send "Seasons Greetings" cards instead, and city stores give no hint that their tinsel has anything to do with you know what"
This taking Christ out is by far an over reaction, while it seems ok not to offend other cultures, it's certainly fine to offend Christians and take Christ out of the most celebrated time of our faith.
No 3 wise men, no Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what about Angels, shall we replace them with fairies?
Honestly, I hope and pray that this is just a passing phase and that we get to keep "Christ" in our Christmas
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And I suppose they have no problem with Jews celebrating Hannukkah and Muslims celebrating Id'ul Fit'ri? Frankly I'm quite amazed at the display of such double standard...

6:16 PM  

Santa, that is a good point, I am quite surprised at the double standard also, and just surprised at the whole thing

9:42 PM  

It's NOT a passing phase. It's called secularization and Cardinal Ratzinger and Cardinal Pell have been commenting on it recently. You might care to see this story re how it's being played out in America:

3:25 PM  

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