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Sunday, November 21, 2004

The love of Christ

Today I was reading the book of Romans. Or "some" of it at least. I have always loved Romans, it's one of my favorite books, it's so passionately written and really sparks something up.
When we read the Gospels we learn about the love of Christ, it's obvious from old to new testament that God loved us so much, like a father but even greater than a father's love that we know today.
People who find themselves alone, sad or hard done by can always know that they are loved, if they have faith of course.
Here is something I read today that I like a lot

With God on our side who can be against us?

Since God did not spare us his own Son,
but gave him up to benefit us all, we may
be certain after such a gift, that he will
not refuse anything he can give. Could
anyone accuse those that God has

When God acquits, could anyone
condemn? Could Christ Jesus? No! He
not only died for us - he rose from the
dead, and there at God's right hand he
stands and pleads for us.

Nothing therefore can come between us
and the love of Christ, even if we are
troubled or worried, or being persecuted
or lacking food or clothes, or being
threatened or even attacked.

These are the trials through which we
triumph, by the power of him who loved

for I am certain of this: neither death
not life, no angel, no prince, nothing that
exists, nothing still to come, not any
power, or height or depth, nor any
created thing, can ever come between us
and the love of God made visible in
Christ Jesus our Lord.

I think this is a great scripture that says a lot about God's love and passion for us and how nothing at all can come
between the love our Lord has for us, it's certainly unconditional, not only in this small part of scripture do we learn this but all through the Gospels. I think it's great to be reminded that we are so loved don't you? :-)
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