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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well everyone "Happy Halloween" It's my first halloween in the USA, we were invited to a Halloween party and I have to say, it was so much fun getting all dressed up. My husband looked way too scary for me though, I prefer the more mellow stuff like pumpkins, bunnies, etc.
Of course for us Catholics it's "All hallows eve" if you don't know what that is you can find the info here since I have no time to explain it all.
Later we are taking our daughter out for some trick or treating with her friend.
The party was great, so I've added a photo of Jonathan and I before the party, please don't freak out over Jonathan's scary face, although it is scary I must say, I did his make up! I did not do the fake blood though, that's just too gross for me.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I think that this pro life film "Bella" is going to be great. I really REALLY want to see it.
It opens on October 26th. It is inspired by a true story.
Here is the trailer Click here
There is also an article about it on "life site news" which is here

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oh yeah another layout!

I have been changing my layouts a lot I know, but I want to be satisfied. I think I am now but who knows, we'll see!!


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Monday, October 15, 2007


Hello there! I am not much good at updating these days. I have been so tired and doing all sorts of things, that internet time is very limited.
I have been reading your blogs and hope to be as frequent as most of you soon.
We did go away that weekend to the family wedding, it was so good to get away to somewhere different, stay in a hotel, hang with family etc. The wedding was great, we had a lot of fun and let me tell you the food was so yummy!! (Not as great as the bride and groom).
The wedding was of my brother in law David and my new sister in law Jennifer, there are a couple of pictures on her blog here
She is just as bad as updating her blog as me.
Another reason that I have been unable to get internet time is because I am pregnant. It feels weird saying it in such a public place. I have been downright sick (morning sickness is yuck) but it's getting better, although certain food smells disgust me and it's hard to cook for a family when your tastes are so strange. My daughter has a hand sanitizer that makes me want to faint, my husbands favorite dish makes me want to throw up, even when the smell is gone I believe in my mind that I can smell it. When I wash my hair the shampoo smell even makes me want to throw up.
But apart from the smells and sicknesses all is fine, I am over 3 months now so I am at the stage where it looks like I have swallowed a small watermelon, or like someone who forgot to do their sit ups for a few months.
My clothes still fit but I feel weird and fat in them because my waist is different.
My husband and daughter got all excited over the ultrasound photo, I did too but I loved their reaction.
What else....this last weekend was so quiet that I fell asleep after lunch, my husband is into the football, I like the atmosphere but it did make me tired.
Sitting at the computer makes me feel a little sick too by the way, so that's another reason I am taking less time in front of this thing.
This weekend we are going out of town to some sort of pumpkin festival, I am new to all this pumpkin/fall/halloween thing so it's all a new experience. I don't know yet what a pumpkin festival is like but if there is pumpkin food I'll be happy!
Have a wonderful week (far out it's only monday, I hate getting up at 6am).
God bless you all!


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