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Thursday, February 24, 2005

just a small note

Hey readers!!! It's been a while since I blogged, I love blogging and keeping in touch with what's going on out there. Lately I have been working long hours and studying some boring stuff like accounting (what a headache) I am new to all that serious stuff.
I found a nice article on lent
HERE if anyone is interested, but apart from seeing that I havent had net time.
Hope everyone is well, and I promise to blog more soon!! BTW saving up for another trip to the USA YIPPEEEEEE!!!! Can't wait!
Hope some reader out there has missed my blogging ;)
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Thursday, February 17, 2005

awwwww cute

One of my friends sent me this photo, it's toooo cute
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Monday, February 07, 2005

The Lent Season

Well, this is my second year of experiencing lent. This is my first year doing this as a Catholic.
There has been so much to learn and the more I learn the more I remember things I used to see my grandmother doing, like not eating meat on any friday, which I do too now.
I have a few more days to figure out what it is that I will give up, I'm thinking maybe meat, and only eating foods which are necessary to eat like vegetables only and no ultra exciting things like Ice cream sundaes and my favorite "Chinese food", it's hard for me to give up anything from a Chinese restaurant.
I remember going to the Chinese buffet with my
fiance on good Friday and being very tempted, not only to eat some meat, but all the meat!!
So Lent begins on Ash weds, and we skip Sundays since they are commemorative of the resurrection.
Fasting does not have to be a starvation and it's not meant to be but it's a spiritual discipline. has some good information for those who are new to this, I need to go there a lot because there is just so much to learn for a beginner like me.
I think when we give ourselves to spiritual discipline the rewards are great.
And what is fasting meat or chocolate compared to what our Lord gave up for us anyway???
Have a blessed Lent season everyone!!! :-)

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Human Life International

I want to draw attention to Human Life International's page. I like the site and think it's very worth the read, for the good cause of educating people on pro-life issues
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A mother's heart

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mary the Christ bearer

O Mary you are a mystery of faithfulness
of light
of perfection
I love to think of you
as bearer of Christ for all others
Every child is for God and for others

I feel compelled as I carry Christ
to others
to remain in the background like you
so that only He may be seen
I am not running away or being detached,
but I am lending him my voice,
my face,
my living,
my environment
so that He may speak and save
and love
all people of today

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Prime minister visits Aceh

Prime Minister John Howard visited the tsunami affected region of Aceh. I watched this on the news last night, and was impressed by the warm welcome and embraces he received from indonesia's foreign minister and other officials.
The reason I am so impressed is because previously Australia's relationship with Indonesia was rather icy.
At one stage Mr.John Howard's phone calls were not answered, but this time it was he who was receiving calls from indonesia's president.
Stories like this are great, I was very impressed as were a lot of people.
The news story regarding this topic has more and is
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Pope's condition stabilises

It is great to hear the Pope John Paul II's condition has stabilised. All over the world there were people upholding him in prayer. So praise God, there is improvement.
For the story click
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Prayers for John Paul II

Let us pray for our Pope John Paul II who was admitted into hospital with the flu which caused respatory problems.
He is a wonderful Pope and prayer is such a wonderful offering.

Lord Jesus Christ
You willed to build Your Church on Peter the Rock
and the Popes who have succeeded him through the ages
Pour forth Your grace on our Holy Father
that he may be a living sign and indefatigable promoter
of the unity of the Church
Help him to proclaim Your message to all people and to listen to the message that
comes to him from the consensus of all it's members and from
the world that you made
Make him serve others after Your example and in accord with his
traditional title"
"Servant of the servants of God" Unite us closely
to him and make us docile to his teachings
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