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Friday, June 10, 2005


There I was standing in a carpark in my town, waiting for my sister to come pick me up in her car(we went shopping!!) when I saw my Church's retired priest walking by.
Late last year he had a stroke and now is too old to come back to serve as a priest, even though he wanted to.
So out of surprise I yelled out "Hey Father!!" which of course got his attention, I can be loud ;).
He was so happy to see me, and that meant a lot.
Anyway, we talked a little and I got to see his excitement about my life and my faith as a new Catholic (revert).
So later I got to thinking, how we all joined in prayer for him and how speedy his recovery was for an old man, he is in his late 70's.
Only in around maybe October he collapsed at home and was taken to hospital, he couldn't talk, or walk, and now only a few months later, he almost looks back to normal, walking around the street and I could barely notice he still hadn't regained full use of his left arm. So again I think how amazing the power of prayer is, he just recovered so soon.
Also, just when he was looking for a place to live, an apartment came up for rent just near the Church presbytery, so he is never really alone and not far from the people he cares about. It's so nice how things work out sometimes.
He was very instrumental in my becoming a Catholic again and if I had not seen the love of God and the dedication to the faith in him, I would have been very disheartend.
I think at times we can take our priests and others who dedicate their lives to the faith for granted. They do such amazing works and what they do is not easy.
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Wonderful. God bless you for paying tribute in a personal and meaningful way. I am no where near as old as your former priest but as someone in ministry for two decades I do know how encouraging it is to learn that what you've been doing has had real impact on actual, knowable, individual lives. This keeps you going, even in retirement, I'd dare say.

5:56 AM  

Thank you, I am so glad that you are encouraged by this.
My fiance got me thinking about how we should encourage our priests and remember the works they do.
So again, I am very pleased that you read this, btw your blog is great and i'm really enjoying it.
God bless you!

4:36 PM  

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