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Thursday, January 13, 2005

A sad story

I just finished reading a story about a girl who did some work experience at an abortion clinic. I could barely believe what I was reading. It was totally shocking and so sad. I think everyone should read it.
This girl talks about what she saw and things she assisted with. I want to add one thing she wrote, so if you are sensitive don't read on. So here it is:
"it's impressive how well-defined they are. You can't believe what you are seeing. You see perfect little hands, tinier than those of a barbie doll. You can see intestines, tiny ribs, their little faces....."
Anyway, I don't want to type in detail everything she said, because it's a very sad situation. But people need to know this. If you want to read more, and I think because this is such a common reality, you should click
HERE after you read it, remind yourself, this happens today and now, everyday, women of all ages are doing this, it's too common and it's dressed up to look ok in all sorts of ways. But to think of it as ok is like being blind, this is reality and it happens now. These are babies and this girl saw hands, feet, faces.
I hope more people come to the realization that abortion is so wrong. I never thought of it much before, but now that I know the reality of it, I can't deny that it's wrong and something needs to be done, of course I can't do much but write my feelings and hope that who comes across stories about abortion, will think hard and realize that these small things that get thrown in the garbage are not blood and skin, but hands, feet, arms and human beings with hearts that once were beating.
I don't judge the women who get these done, in fact, I try not to judge anyone, because Jesus said our sins are all the same, so yes I realize this. I am accepting of all kinds of people, but I want to make a point of what we need to open our eyes and see here.
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When I was studying in my undergraduate degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology, I saw a movie that shows the abortion procedure...5 times!!! Truly horrible. Who can be indifferent to such suffering? I don't wish the experience on anyone.

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