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Monday, January 10, 2005

Home again

After a long flight I'm home and back in OZ. It was hard saying goodbye to my fiance. It always is hard, but this time was harder and so much sadder because we are now engaged and can't be together at the moment.
It's so weird leaving freezing cold winter and getting back into very hot summer!! But the body adjusts.
It's hard to believe that Christmas tide is over and we are in ordinary time, it went so fast, my decorations have been taken down by my sister so I don't have to go through that at least and I can start my ordinary time prayers. My fiance bought me the liturgy of the hours book and I am enjoying it and making good use of it, I recommend it, now that I have got into the routine of using it there is no going back!!! I must admit, now I have to pray without Jonathan :-(
For anyone out there in long distance relationships, from experience I say prayer is the key for patience, Maria has written a great blog about this and other ways of making the most of it, because it is worth it. Ok back to unpacking!!!! Enjoy your ordinary time!
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