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Monday, December 27, 2004

Sooo Cold!!

I am enjoying my time here in the US with my boyfriend and his family. We had a great Christmas, I ate alot of good food and must get back into excersize or else!!
I have never seen or felt the cold like winter in Ohio!!! The trees were covered in ice!! But I must say that when the sun came out and sparkled on the trees it was a pretty site.
I would like to offer up a prayer for that disasterous tsunami in asia, those poor families out there who are waiting hopefully to hear from missing family and loved ones

we come to You for comfort as we do whenever
natural disasters occur.
We know that there must be a reason for them
but we do not know what it is.
Teach us to accept them in the light of eternity
and as the by-product of a world in the making.
Help us to cooperate with You in completing the universe,
unlocking it's secrets and removing it's flaws
while bringing about the fulfillment
of the kingdom of Your Son on earth
which is the foreshadowing of Your kingdom in heaven

I pray that these people find peace at this time
posted by Grace B at 10:08 AM


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