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Friday, December 03, 2004

Christmas in Sydney

As we already know, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ.
Unfortunately efforts to take anything Christian out of Christmas is increasing and we hear about it all the time.
I read an article here about the attempts to do so in Sydney.
Apparently the mayor only wants to spend $600,000AUD because she is worried about offending non-Christians.
Prime minister John Howard said that this scrooge like plan by Australias biggest city to mark Christmas was "political correctness" from central casting.
Sydney is home to 4million people and is being limited to only 2 trees, 21 silver stars, 35 lights and some banners.
Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said that the city did not want to "push any one religious belief."
The Prime Minister came back with "It is unbelievable" and "I have never met a Jewish person or a Muslim Australian who wants us to stop celebrating Christmas. This is the ridiculous thing about this blanding out any kind of distinctive identity that we might have"
Celebrating Christmas is not pushing any one faith to anyone, it's simply a time to remember Jesus and we celebrate it with the world, I don't see decorations being a push at all, I also don't see any other religious group worried about it, so then why?
As Mr. Howard says....It's unbelievable
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