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Friday, November 26, 2004

Prayer for sufferers around the world

LORD Jesus Christ,
during Your life YOu were surrounded by suffering
and You eliminated it whenever You could.
Look down on this suffering world
and alleviate all its suffering.
Help the sick in body, especially thosse terminally ill,
and the sick at heart who are weary of life.
Come to the aid of those victimized by war
or by their uncaring neighbors.
Encourage those who suffer discrimination
because of reace, creed, or color,
because of their poverty, ingnorance or different life-style.
Free those who are opressed
and feed those who are hungry
inspire in me a firm desire to co-operate with You
in this liberation of the downtrodden.
Let me be open to others,
to love them in You
and to share with them what I am and have
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