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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Drink more water!

For years I have maintained the "drink more water" speech. Friends who talk about skin problems etc always hear the same thing from me, but you know what? I'm right ;)
I drink the recommended amount which is 2 litres per day, I have done this since I was 13 and never had skin break outs since, where as before I did have that embarrassing big pimple sticking out for the world to see now and then, eek!
We all know that our body is made up of 80% water so it 's quite the common sense.
The other good news for the weight conscious out there is that water can actually help you lose weight, here is how:
Your metabolism is the bio-mechanical process that breaks down food and turns it into energy, so it consumes calories.
If you are not drinking your 2 litres of water per day , your weight loss will slow right down this is because 2.5 litres of water is naturally lost through daily bodily functions such as going to the bathroom, and sweating.
If you do not replenish this water you will soon become dehydrated and your metabolism will be the first to shut down.
So if you are dieting, keep this in mind.
Since your metabolism is the best device you have for weight loss, you would certainly want it to be working at full speed, and water is the "fuel" that drives our metabolism's chemical reactions....SO.............if you are not drinking enough water, then you are not going to burn as many calories as you can, got it? So drink up!
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thanks for finding my site and for finding my words worthy of your time and adding me to your favorites . . . i sincerely mean that its a great compliment really . . . you may find that i struggle periodically at consistency because of some recent health issues . . . i just started new treatments on monday of this week and well its distracting . . . thanks again i'm sure we'll meet again in blogdom . . . i'll visit your site as often as i reasonably can so i can 'keep up' and it not just one-sided!!! may the peace of Christ be with you : : :

7:59 AM  

I enjoyed your site very much. I read about your health issues and will pray for you and your family.
I read about your new treatments and I know all about radiotherapy etc, and you do a great job with your site.
Yes we will meet again in the blogdom and yes it's two sided, I will visit you can count on it! Thank you so much for this very nice message on my blog.
God bless you and your family

4:14 PM  

Thanks for posting this! I actually had no idea about the effect on your metabolism and the bonus effect on acne. And I call myself a scientist, lol. Rather embarrassing really. :) I've been meaning to get better at this now I have better motivation. :)

7:06 PM  

Thanks for the post. I agree that water is very important and usually overlooked, even though it is the most abundant substance in our body. We actually just bought a purifier so we get the water without the lead, mercury, and chlorine.

I read somewhere too that drinking cold water actually increases the metabolism more than just regular water because the body has to burn energy to get the water closer to body temp.

7:07 PM  

Jennifer, I'm glad you read my post! I think now that summer is there (it's winter here) it will be a lot easier to drink more.
David B, Jonathan was telling me about the purifier, I really should get one too. Thanks for the cold water tip too!

7:47 PM  

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