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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Showing your support

Update: To read the latest posts from me regarding Schapelle Corby and her conviction click HERE

It's been great to see the support from all over the world for Schapelle Corby. I have seen some of the petitions, there are so many, but of course the more the better.
I have noticed many of you from the USA have been in full support, and have seen so many signatures and messages. Thank God for people who support what is right.
Keep up the signing of the petition for Schapelle
Some one's life is at stake here, and i'm glad some people can actually see that.
Firstly having a fair trial is a must, and secondly this is a possible death penalty, death to a young 27 year old girl who has possibly done nothing wrong.
posted by Grace B at 8:35 PM


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