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Friday, May 06, 2005

My Dad

I was reflecting over photos and some memories today. I found a poem that I chose for my dad after he died in 2001.
Photos are such great memories to have, I love them and wherever I go I try to snap everything! And I can look at photos for hours, of just about anything.
One thing I wish I could do was have dad in the photos of my wedding when I do get married, the whole walking down the isle with my dad was something that I always thought of, but I do know that many people cannot have that, not just me. I count myself lucky to have the rest of my family coming, not that we have dates or anything, I'm just thinking.
But today I just had that time to spend thinking of my wonderful dad and the great times.
I also recently read a blog which reminded me of dads.

Sometimes I spot a man in the distance and he kind of looks like my dad, which makes me look twice, i'm sure that happens a lot to others, or I could be walking through our property and remember times when I would spot him working away on the vines, I used to walk around the farm a lot, hoping and wishing to find something that belonged to him on the way, I don't know why, I guess anything that was his I wanted for me or perhaps anything that would take me back to a moment when he was alive.
The first Christmas without him was so strange, and i'm sure anyone who has lost someone would go through it, the difficult thing was not buying him a gift and not including him on that Christmas list.
But God is good and we can see our loved ones again which is wonderful, and I don't feel fatherless because I still have my God who indeed is my father.
We were a close family and dad was a great provider. Here is the poem I chose for my dad:

They say it is a beautiful journey
from the old world to the new
Some day I'll take that journey Dad
To the stairway that leads to you
And when I reach that garden
Where all are free from pain
I'll put my arms around you Dad
and we will never part again

posted by Grace B at 10:26 PM


What a beautiful poem Carmel! I saw your comment on my mom's blog about your dad. It is nice to get to know your dad through your eyes; he shines from your heart for us to see him too.


6:54 PM  

David showed me this post awhile back and it touched me deeply. I lost my dad a little over a year ago and some days it all seems so surreal. So much that not living at home I sometimes still expect him to pick up. I always hoped he would last to see me wed; now I just wish I'd had the foresight to take more full family photos. I don’t think I have a recent one that has everyone in it, someone always got stuck taking the picture. I do my best to take hope in the fact he is with Christ this day.
But mostly I wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. For me this is the difficult time of the year and your poem helped so much.

5:47 AM  

It's great to hear from you. I know exactly what you mean, and the photo thing too, I found myself hunting for any picture of dad, I wish we took more too.
I am so glad that this poem helped you at this difficult time, and my thoughts and prayers are with you. This poem helps me to remember that being with God would be the most beautiful feeling anyone could imagine.
Thank you for this post, God bless you

6:54 PM  

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