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Thursday, May 12, 2005


I have been reading some things about the Latin mass over at Dappled Things it's so interesting, since I have never been to a latin mass, and don't know latin, although I can pick up a lot from knowing how to speak Italian. I also found it interesting because latin is the official language of the Roman Church
Here Fr.Jim Tucker explains what the words mean and where they come from and how they are translated etc, which I also found interesting, like the Kyrie Eleison and all that.
If you havent heard the chants you can find them on Mp3's legally.
posted by Grace B at 4:02 PM


i've been to latin mass. at the end, my husband and i looked at each other and said.....uhhh what just happened?

mainly he just sped through everything and it was really quiet. i think latin mass could be really cool, though.

6:04 PM  

I will have to check one out someday,of course it would help if I knew half of what they were saying!!

11:59 PM  

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