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Monday, May 09, 2005

Baby saved by a nursing dog!

I was surprised to hear that an abandoned baby (nurses have named her Angel) was saved by a female nursing dog, in a place called Nairoby in Kenya.
Angel is a newborn baby who was abandoned in a forrest, wrapped in a plastic bag.
Apparantly the dog carried the baby in the plastic bag, accross a busy road, through a barbed wire fence and to a shed where she had her puppies.
Angel is doing fine now in hospital, responding to antibiotics and other treatments.
I think this is an amazing story. It goes to show you that even some dogs care more about a human life than some of our people and court systems.
Saint Francis of Assisi would be proud!

You can read the full story HERE
Below is a photo of the nameless dog who saved the life of baby Angel!
posted by Grace B at 4:06 PM


It also goes to show that when the Lord wants to preserve a life...all of creation will do His Will! That is an amazing story, thanks for that!

7:03 PM  

Marie-linda, how true! It does indeed show that God can use any means to preserve a life. I love this story and as an animal lover I think that dog is sooooo adorable. Also i'm glad that you liked what I wrote on your mum's blog, and what you said about my dad, it was very thoughtful, I also enjoyed reading about your mother's dad, it really got me thinking about mine
thanks, Bless you!!

11:53 PM  

This is a great story...
Thanks for the link.
It brought joy to my life and a smile to my face.

6:15 AM  

Wayne, it's really a great story, i'm glad that you enjoyed it and the link, oh and you are welcome

7:01 PM  

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