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Friday, April 29, 2005

Schapelle may face death by firing squad

Schapelle Corby did not move the judges with her plea for freedom 2 days ago. I don't know who could not be moved by this.
Chief Judge Linton Sirait said that he knew what Schapelle said but offered little hope. He said "Not enough, he or she has to prove that he or she is not guilty, every inmate would say they are not guilty" I guess they don't believe in innocent until proven guilty.
The police who found the marijuana did not finger print Schapelles boogie board bag where the marijuana was found, nor did they weigh her bag for proof that her bag weighed different when weighed in Australia.
Schapelle has not been treated fair by the police, they chose not to finger print her or weigh her bags, which is what disturbs me the most.
The federal government is continuing to seek a prisoner transfer agreement with Indonesia, which will allow Schapelle Corby to serve any jail term she receives at home in Australia.
Here is the VIDEO where you can hear some of her plea and what reporters are saying
Also visit
Help Schapelle Corby
and also visit this site here
Don't Shoot Schapelle Corby
posted by Grace B at 2:21 PM


I'm sorry to hear the news. Our government can be an a** sometimes (pardon the French).

On a side note, our court justice system does differ from Western one. In our court, the defendant is guilty until proven otherwise. Not fair, I know...

9:56 PM  

Hey Santa!! I hope you are having a great time there in the USA, i'm jealous now that i'm back home.
Innocent until proven guilty is what I agree with, Schapelle was wronged by the Police, since they didnt finger print her bags etc.
We can pray for her and she is finding her faith in God whilst over there which will be a comfort to her.

12:32 AM  

Ah, the Indo police is always fishy. Yes, I also agree with "innocent until proven guilty." But what to do, our court's system is "guilty until proven innocent." Stupid, I think, but such is Indo.

12:49 AM  

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