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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Home again

Here I am, back in Australia safe and sound. I had a great time in the USA, Ohio is the most beautiful place, I got to see all the spring colours, and we had a day of snow too, so I got a bit of everything.
Of course seeing my fiance and spending time with him was the best part of it!!
But leaving is so hard, it's really difficult to say goodbye knowing that I am going to be so far, but it's all worth it and we will be together soon.
We got to celebrate the day we saw the new Pope elected, which was awesome, I read a lot about him on the way home (well I had 24 hours to kill) and will be writing some of my new found knowlegde about him.
God bless you guys...
posted by Grace B at 4:51 PM


God bless you too, I'm glad your trip went well.

7:55 PM  

Thanks!! It was a long trip, but I had a blast

7:19 PM  

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