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Monday, April 25, 2005

Baby survived abortion, Mother seeks hospital compensation

The mother of a twin who survived abortion seeks compensation from the hospital, for not successfully killing both babies. She also plans to tell her daughter (Jade) what happened when she is old enough.
Stacy Dow is now raising 3 year old Jade and says "I have a child now that I wasnt planning to have, and I believe the hospital should take responsibility for that"
Thanks to
prolife blogs for this story.
posted by Grace B at 8:04 AM


is she kidding? oy.

3:33 PM  

That's horrible!!! How worthless can one consider life, that even have to blame people for a rescue from the hand of God?

5:11 PM  

I thought the same thing at first Anastasia, some people!!!
I agree Marie Linda, you would think as a mother she would have been glad and thankful, obvioulsy not

4:58 PM  

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