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Thursday, March 03, 2005

A special heart

In the past 3 weeks I have been teaching our lenten discussion program, it's been hard and trying at times but a wonderful experience.
This week we read a letter by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, she wrote about a letter she received from the father of a little girl who was going to take her first communion.
This little girl told her father that she didnt want to have a party for her first communion day, and asked her father to save the money and send it to Mother Teresa's poor children, she also asked that her father not buy her a new dress for this occaision, that she would do it in her uniform, just so the money could be sent to the poor children. She had this courage, to turn up to mass wearing her uniform while the other children would have been dressed in their best clothes for the occaision.
This inspired her father to stop drinking and her mother also stopped smoking.
Children can teach us adults quite a lot.
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that's really beautiful! You know, I saw Mother Theresa on a "feminist of the day" website this week. If she's a feminist, she is the best kind of feminist. Anyway, I have been thinking about her, so I'm glad you posted this.

9:23 AM  

I really enjoyed this post. We can learn so much from people like Mother Theresa, but how many of us meet people like her?

If we pay attention, kids can teach us just as much I'm sure.

11:17 AM  

I would agree with you Anastasia, that if Mother Teresa was a feminist that she would be the best kind, you are welcome, I am glad to share a nice thing like this.
Maria!! I remember talking for a while with you about Mother Teresa :-) We can all learn by children at times, they have such a different way of looking at things, as adults I think we lose a lot of that.

10:22 PM  

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story Carmel! The faith of children is so beautiful! It is so nice to relearn it...

9:02 PM  

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