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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Stormy weather

Last night we went though a huge storm for our town. The lightning was beautiful, it lit up the whole sky with a beautiful purple!
I was at my mothers house and went upstairs to watch it. Even something so dangerous is just gorgeous, it was like a skylight show, and of course it's one of the many nature shows provided by God.
I often think about how God created the world so beautifully, we get used to it and can forget how pretty it truly is. There are so many changing colors in the sky alone, from light blue, dark blue to crimson, orange and more, then we get the shiny glittering stars at night, not to forget the changing shape of the moon.
Flowers of all types, scents and colors, trees also change their beauty from winter through to summer and provide us with shade and fresh air.
It's nice to stop and think of how beautiful our world was created.
Although last night during the storm we lost electricity and the house shook!!! But all is ok and I get the day off work :-)

posted by Grace B at 1:35 PM


I hope you enjoyed your day off, Carmel!
This reminds me of a funny story. Over here, we have a fireworks' competition every summer. One summer we were watching the fireworks when all of a sudden, lightning started flashing across the sky. People started cheering. As the fireworks continued, the lightning increased in intensity, until the show ended with mighty lightning and thunder (the rain never came). When the lightning ended at the end of the show, everyone clapped!!! I wonder if they knew Who they were clapping to... God's creation is indeed beautiful!

6:53 PM  

Oh...and I'm glad to know you're all safe!

6:53 PM  

Oh yeah I wonder if they did know who they were clapping to! That's a neat story also.
We do live in a beautifully created world, I wish I could see it all! But I do get to come and see the USA ;)
Thanks and blessings to you!

3:27 AM  

The storm was incredible, wasn't it? I took some photos of the floods we had in Melbourne (on my blog). The forecast tonight said it could be repeated this week too, so that would be interesting...

3:14 AM  

Yes Credo it sure was,
That's right you are a Victorian too!!! I am definetly going to check out your photo's, I love storms and watching them from a safe little place :-)
It will be interesting to see some more soon

8:09 PM  

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