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Monday, March 14, 2005

Lent discussion group

I can't believe how time has flown. Last night we had the last night of our Lent discussion group. I had the privelege of organizing it and leading this year, it's certainly been quite the experience, I have been trying to tackle many things lately.
I have learned a lot from these past few weeks, and it has all been posative, it was a great way of getting to know other parishoners and to intruduce myself to a lot of them since I really have not been here for long.
But what is dragging on is school (accounting, numbers, maths Arrrgggg!!) I can't wait to finnish up, it's also been quite the experience.
Trying to juggle study, a job and weekly meetings certainly takes up free time!
Another thing dragging on is i'm counting down the days before I go to visit my
fiance Jonathan and have a great time with him, and a break from work, school and the norm.
Immigration is taking it's time, can't forget to mention that :-(
Well since there are no more Lent discussion meetings, my monday nights are free, I guess study will take care of that!!
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