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Friday, March 25, 2005

Put the evidence on the front pages of the Newspapers

I think that the bone scan showing Terri's broken bones, video's of Terri's alertness, witness allegations (ie nurses) and Dr. Hammesfahrs brain scan need to be seen by "everyone"
There are too many people out there thinking that "this is really what Terri wanted" but they need to be shown, it's different when you can actually see a document before your eyes.
The media need to expose Michael Schiavo and Judge George Greer's death choice for Terri Schiavo.
Even though time has almost run out, everyones eyes need to be open.
If I lived in the USA I would be contacting the New York Times and every top newspaper I knew of, and I would be calling up the news programs.
Lets do all we can while we have this small amount of time left, send any tips to Terri's family website which is listed here on my blog and all over the net.
They are running out of options and ideas and maybe you know of something that could help save Terri.
Even a small idea could end up making a difference
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