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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri Schiavo's broken bones

We'll nothing Michael wants comes to us as a surprise anymore. Including the fact that Michael wanted Terri Cremated as soon as she died.
He said that it's bc Terri doesnt like bugs, well how caring and considerate!!..NOT
In all this
So what could have happened on the day that Terri collapsed? We can never truly know, but it strikes me as strange that Michael who was trained in CPR did not administer CPR to his wife...odd?
Dr. Carole Leiberman says this "If Terri were to be allowed to die, as Michael has been desperately trying to acchieve for years, it could help him escape detection. This would be a grave miscarriage of justice"
The main evidence against Michael comes from the bone scan taken on March 5th 1991 . As Terri's guardian Michael denied her family access to Terri's records. I wonder why?
The scan indicated numerous broken bones in various stages of healing, including compressions fractures, a broken back, pelvis, ankle, bone bruises and ossifications.
Michael Schiavo insists that Terri stated early in their marriage that she would not want to be left on life support, ok so even if this were true, Terri Schiavo is not on life support, she breathes on her own, no machine keeps her alive, she just needs food and water like we all do, she just eats it differently than the normal healthy person.
Remember also, Terri has no written will, if she were so strong in favour of death, knowing her loving family, she perhaps would have wanted a will.
I have myself said in the past, but this doesnt mean a thing because Terri is not on life support. Michael has denied his wife basic medical care in the past too.
There is more evidence out there, more questions, no one is sure of anything, so while no one is sure Terri should be put into protective custody and an investigation be opened, is this so hard??
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