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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Judge George Greer, dont trust him with your life!

I am appalled at Judge George Greer, this man is supposed to stand for justice but along with Michael Schiavo he wants an alert disabled woman to die.
Ignoring all the evidence out there against Michael Schiavo is a disgrace! Ignoring doctors reports, it's not justice being served, it's a possible murder being served.
All persons are equal before the law, and no person shall be deprived of any right, because of race, religion, national origin or physical dissability, this is what the florida constitution article 1 Section 2 states, and Judge George Greer doesn't care.
It doesn't matter to him obviously, nothing mentioned above matters to him, not possible murder, not legal evidence, not doctors opinions, nothing matters to him but death!
Judge George Greer, I would not want my life in your hands, thank God I don't live in Florida and never want to while you are Judge!
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