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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Michael Schiavo, eats and drinks

Does this man look well nourished to you?

Michael Schiavo......while his wife bleeds and dies, Michael eats and drinks.
It angers me that George Felos has the nerve to lie to the public and tell us that Terri is peaceful, you would have to be very nieve to believe that.
The natural symptoms are bleeding, flaky skin and sunken eyes, look it up George
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I think it's interesting that cameras are not allowed into Terri Schiavo's room. Bobby Schindler said on Fox News earlier today that Felos should just let the cameras in to allow people to see what is happening. Bobby describes a very different situation. Of course, if we are to believe Felos' claims, having cameras in there would only PROVE his point. On Newsmax, I read that Felos uses "privacy" as the reason why they won't let in the cameras. Well, let's see... Felos held a press conference today telling us his claims about Terri's condition. Felos has said she is in a "persistent vegetative state." In my opinion, if one is concerned about privacy, they do not discuss other people's medical conditions on camera. He should not have discussed anything about Terri's condition in response to questions. He should have simply said "I can't answer on privacy grounds." However, it seems privacy is only mentioned when it comes to cameras.

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I am glad you brought that up. You make such an excellent point here. Indeed, if he is so into privacy then he shouldnt discuss her at all.
The more I hear about George Felos, Michael Schiavo and Judge Greer the more twists and turns I see.
God help her!

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