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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Schindler's beg Bush "Take Action!"

Brother Paul O'donnell, a Schindler family spokesperson said -
"Gov. Bush, you do have the authority to stop the killing of Terri Schiavo," said Brother Paul O'Donnell, a Schindler family spokesman. "... We beg you to have courage and take action."
Now the 9th day without food or water, Terri's hopes of life seem to be fading.
This poor family cannot believe this is happening. The looks on their faces says it all.
Whilst Michael Schiavo looks healthy, glowing and bright, Terri's parents, brother and sister look thin, stressed and in such emotional pain.
One would wonder why Michael is looking so good these days.
It seems that Govenor Bush will not do a thing, he is acting as though his hands are tied when indeed they are not.
My heart goes out to the Schindler family, and the pain and suffering that Terri Schiavo is going through right now.
posted by Grace B at 7:29 PM


I agree. The poor woman is starving to death and they let it happen...

7:49 PM  

Yes Janelle,
This is really heartbreaking and hard to understand

7:56 PM  

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The post above was deleted because of comments that were more of a personal attack.
Feel free to disagree with me on my blog, I love to hear from you and share your thoughts.
But any personal attacks and insults will be removed. :-)

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