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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Fired for supporting Terri

According to the
The Empire Journal A nurse who worked at the Florida hospice Where Terri Schindler-Schiavo is being dehydrated and starved, has been fired for not supporting the efforts to kill her.
This text below is from the Empire Journal :
*Take notice in this story that nurses have reportedly heard Michael Schiavo say "When is that bitch going to die?"

Hospice Nurse Fired for Supporting Terri Schiavo

By The Empire Journal

A registered nurse who was employed at the Florida hospice where Terri Schindler-Schiavo is being dehydrated and starved to death has been fired for not supporting the efforts to kill the disabled woman..

Nora Lynn Wagner says she that the administration of Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Park notified her employment agency Monday afternoon that they did not want her back working at the facility.

Terri, 41, is now in her fifth day without food and water after her gastric feeding tube was removed Friday by order of Sixth Circuit Court Judge George Greer. Her estranged husband and guardian, Michael Schiavo, says that she would not want to be kept alive by “artificial” life support and that she has no chance for recovery. Because she left no living will when she sustained serious brain injuries in 1990 amidst mysterious circumstances, her husband-by-title only says that she would want to die. Her parents, Mary and Robert Schindler Sr. dispute that and are supported by numerous physicians and neurologists that she could recover with therapy. Michael Schiavo has denied her rehabilitation and therapy for the past 10 years.

Wagner said that her firing came after she had refused to sign a petition being circulated among the hospice staff that said Congress had acted improperly in passing legislation designed to keep Terri alive.

The RN said that anyone at the hospice who speaks out against Michael Schiavo is reprimanded

The facility is operated by the non-profit Hospice of Florida Suncoast. George Felos, attorney for Michael Schiavo, the estranged husband and guardian who is trying to kill his wife by court order, is a former chairman of the hospice board of directors and a nine-year member of the board.

Felos was a member of the hospice board in April, 2001, when Terri was moved from Palm Gardens Nursing Home to the hospice although she did not meet the eligibility requirements as she was not terminal. He resigned from the board in early 2002.

Wagner, who was employed at the hospice for two years, says that Terri Schiavo is cognizant and communicative. She said she would often joke with Terri who would respond with laughter.

Michael Schiavo and Sixth Circuit Court Judge George Greer who issued the death order say that she is in a persistent vegetative state and claim she does communicate and is not alert. Wagner says that is untrue.

The hospital admittance records from 1990 when Terri Schiavo “collapsed” show evidence of trauma to Terri Schiavo’s neck. Her friends have testified during court proceedings that she was unhappy in her marriage to Schiavo and was allegedly contemplating a divorce from Michael Schiavo who was allegedly possessive and jealous.

Dr. William Hammesfahr, a world renowned neurologist wrote a complete report concerning the Schiavo case in September, 2002, revealing that medical tests conducted after her collapse did not show evidence of a heart attack. In the emergency room, a possible diagnosis of heart attack was briefly entertained but then dismissed after blood chemistries and serial EKG’s did not show evidence of a heart attack. ( Complete Report of Dr. William Hammesfahr) Dr. Hammesfahr testified that she had sustained injuries consistent with abuse.

Dr. Hammesfahr, a Nobel prize nominee, had filed an affidavit with the court saying that in his opinion CAT scan readings or MRI readings were misrepresented to the court during the January, 2000 trial. He says there is significant brain tissue and it is not true that Terri’s cerebellum has been replaced by spinal fluid. He said in his sworn affidavit that it is his medical opinion that she is not in any sort of coma, whether PVS or otherwise.

Other former nurses and caregivers of Terri Schiavo have come forward, including Carla Sauer Iyer, a registered nurse who cared for Terri from about April, 1995 until August, 1996.

Iyer says that Terri’s blood sugar levels were normally “very stable due to the uniformity of her diet”. However, while she suspects Michael Schiavo of injecting Terri with regular insulin to drive her into hypoglycemic shock, she acknowledged she has no proof. She says that after one of his visits to Terri, she saw needle marks on Terri after Michael Schiavo had been left in the closed room with her. She says she also found a used syringe hidden in the trash.

In an interview with Fox News Tuesday, Iyer accused Michael Schiavo of the attempted murder of Terri Schiavo. “Michael wants her to die, he doesn’t want the truth to be known”, Iyer said.

She said that one day after Schiavo had been alone with Terri in her room for about 20 minutes with the door shut, she went in. She found Terri “sweating profusely, lethargic, crying”. She said she checked her numbers on the glucometer and got virtually no reading. After finding a regular vial of insulin concealed in the trash and needle marks under her breasts and groin, she went to the hospice administration and police.

She says the administration told her they would call the state’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) which handles allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable adults. She says the administration was upset she had gone to the police and she was terminated the following day.

“Michael made sure she had no rehab, no speech therapy, no physical therapy. I put a washcloth in her hand, he said that’s therapy and made me take it out”. She said that another nurse fed her with a baby bottle thickened with liquids, pudding, jello and was not aspirating and Terri enjoyed it. She says that when Michael Schiavo found out, he said he would them fired.

When asked if this was taken into consideration in the court cases, Iyer said no, “I think a gag order was put on all confidence things that Terri had done”.

She said she wanted to let the truth be known that she had heard Terri talk. ‘We had her sit at the nurses’ station, she would interact with all the visitors”, Iyer said.

Nurses have reported hearing Michael Schiavo make such comments as “When is that bitch going to die?”

Iyer says that she recalls Michael Schiavo making statements such as “Can’t anything be done to accelerate her death, won’t she ever die?” “Michael would be visibly excited, thrilled even, hoping that she would die”, Iyer recalled. “He would blurt out, ‘I’m going to be rich’ and would talk about all the things he would buy when Terri which included a new car, a new boat and going to Europe.
Iyer's affidavit

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