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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jesse Jackson and Terri Schiavo

I think it's great that Jesse Jackson visited with Terri Schiavo. Although Michael Schiavo didnt want him to.
I hope that things start looking up for Terri and quickly!
posted by Grace B at 9:23 PM


Just another politican jumping on the bandwagon!


2:03 AM  

roobar, maybe so, but I think whilst we are all unsure of what Terri really wants, things need to be looked into further, I just don't buy into the law system right now. BTW your name sounds rather Aussie :-)

3:27 AM  

No one is ever going to know for sure what she wanted given that she did not leave a written document. But there is a legal process that was followed. And, whether we like it nor not, the courts did find that she had expressed her opinion on the topic to her husband and friends. So we should respect her wishes and let her wishes be carried out.

Yes, an Aussie finding, yet again, that Americans are a weird bunch.

4:16 AM  

roobar Jesse Is not a "Politican" Americans Have SOME Brains! He is just a power hungery NUT, Trying to get his Pic in the news again.Why did terri's Mom not see Terri for 3 days? If that was my "Baby" I would be sleeping under Her BED! She is outside giving TV interviews!

2:31 AM  

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